Announcing the Arrival of Jayden's Twin "Will"!

~ Available only as a Limited Time Offer ~


Little Will has not been in this world very long. This baby has been sculpted to look just like an open eyed twin for Natalie's first kit, "Jayden". The original Jayden head was used making the following changes to the sculpt: the eyes were opened up, and full round glass eyes were carefully sculpted in place, a new facial expression was created by giving it new lips with matching eyebrows and forehead all to complement the new facial expression. The Jayden head was originally sculpted using a model of a real newborn skull to ensure the accuracy right down to the smallest detail, including the soft spot! For those reborners that like to do painted hair or fine rooting, this additional aspect of the sculpt is sure to add to the realism of your artwork. This soft spot is a nice, subtle one to give an accurate portrayal of a newborn that is a few days old. The 3/4 length arms have been sculpted directly from newborn photos, ensuring that every last crease is just like a real newborn baby. The full length legs have also been sculpted from a real live newborn so that no detail is missing, right down to the tiniest toe.

The full length of the completed vinyl doll on a body is about 19-20 inches and the head circumference is 13 inches. For those that wish to add an enhanced level of realism to their art, there is a chest plate available that can be purchased in addition to this kit. It is also a completely new chest plate, just for Will, modeled after a baby that just lost their umbilical stump. This chest plate coupled with the full length legs makes for very cute poses in a diaper.

This kit will require a body that is made for a 19-20" doll with 3/4 arms and full legs and size 18mm eyes.

* Please read about the reborning contest I am holding for this kit! *



** Please note that these pictures are of the original sculpt, not the vinyl version. Pictures of the vinyl prototypes will be made available as soon as they come in. **

~ please note, these pictures are of the actual prototype ~



The prototypes for this kit are on their way to the prototype reborn artists and the actual kits are due to arrive at the beginning of August.

Please note that Art Dolls by Natalie Scholl reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time, without providing reason.

Within Canada: $15 for one kit, $17 for two kits (these prices are with or without chest plates)
Within the Continental USA: $20 for one kit, $26 for two kits (these prices are with or without chest plates)
Overseas: $42 for one kit airmail, $20 for one kit by ground (these prices are with or without chest plates)
                $52 for two kits airmail, $25 for two kits by ground


Each kit includes a blank head, 3/4 length arms and full length legs. Chest plate is an extra item.

** The body is not included in this kit. **